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Enhanced Provision General Information

Langlees Enhanced Provision

Langlees Enhanced Provsion seeks to enable pupils who require significant additional support to access the mainstream curriculum and classes, and be included optimally in the life of the school.


Key Features

  • differentiation and adaptation of the curriculum
  • small group teaching
  • mainstream stage class, with or without support
  • when appropriate, a base classroom to support pupils for a flexible proportion of the school day
  • additional teaching and support staff
  • where assessment indicates, integrated support by Speech and Language Therapy Service/ other services


The School Day

 Pupils in the Enhanced Provision start their school day lining up with their classes and attending registration.  Some children can manage this independenly while others may require extra adult support which may be given by an experienced Enhanced Provision teacher or a Support for Learning assistant.  Other pupils may be brought into school early.

Each child in the Enhanced Provison has different educational, personal and social needs and has an Individualised Education Programme.  The amount of time pupils spend in their mainstream class is determined by their individual needs.  The Provision is flexible and inclusion for individual children is constantly under review.  Parents and pupils are fully involved in this decision-making process

When in their mainstream classes the children may or may not be supported by an adult other than the class teacher.  For times when a pupil may require respite from the hustle and bustle of school life, 'chill out' areas are available in both Enhanced Provision rooms. 

At break and lunch times the pupils can access support from the Support for Learning assistants, Buddies and  Peer Mediators. If necessary arrangements can be made for a child to stay inside at break times. 

At home time all the younger children who have places in the Enhanced Provision are dismissed from Room 4.  They leave from the" Bubble" entrance where they are picked up by parents and carers.  This provides an opportunity for individual daily feed back.  Older pupils who attend Room 11 are dismissed with their mainstreamclass.  


Home/ School Diaries

All pupils have their own home/ school diary.  These enable the teachers to inform parents/carers about their child's day.  There is also an opportunity for parents/carers to let school know what is happening  at home.  Events at home have a direct impact on how the pupils behave at school.  The diary is also a very useful source of information to be used at talking and listening times and to pass on  routine information  e.g. change of gym day.  It is really important to return the diary to school daily.



Homework is provided on a regular basis and it is hoped that parents and carers will assist their child.  Some pupils will have their homework set by their mainstream teachers as well as from the Enhnaced Provision.  Homework will reinforce work that has already been done in school and will help your child learn and retain information.  Some pupils will require homework schedules to be adapted as not all pupils can cope with homework every night or they may need a more structured approach than the rest of their peers.  It is better for the pupil to complete some homework daily rather than complete a whole week's work in one go. 


Working with Parents

The Enhanced Provision is totally committed to working in partnership with parents/carers.  All the staff try to keep you as fully informed about school as possible and it is appreciated when parents /carers inform us about things that happen at home.

Children are given the best chance of achieving when they see home and school working together.

As well as home school diaires and informal  chats, the Enhanced Provision teachers are usaully available at the end of the school day to offer advice or to address any concerns.  More formal meetings with the Head teacher or class teacher can also be arranged.

First thing in the morning messages can be passed onto the teacher via the support staff in the playground or parents/ carers can ask to speak directly to an Enhanced Provision teacher.