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We Love learning Outdoors!

There are some general benefits from taking learning outside within and across curriculum areas:

• connections are made experientially with the real world outside the classroom, helping to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in a meaningful context

• outdoor environments and surroundings act as a rich stimulus for creative thinking and learning. this affords opportunities for challenge, enquiry, critical thinking and reflection

• children and young people find that not everything outside matches the models or the textbooks. this does not mean that what they have found is ‘wrong’. instead, it develops awareness of the complexities of the real world and can help to develop critical thinking skills 

• children and young people are able to understand the relevance of a subject taught in school to everyday life

• children and young people can sometimes behave differently outdoors. Quiet pupils may speak more, others become calmer and more focused when outside, especially in a natural space

• the multi-sensory experience outdoors helps children and young people to retain knowledge more effectively. there are opportunities for pupils to learn with their whole bodies on a large scale

• learning in a less structured environment can provide a different learning experience from that of the classroom

• being outdoors can be a more relaxing learning experience for many learners

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