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Fantastic News!

Langlees gets 3rd Green Flag!

Read what the Eco-inspector wrote in his report:

Post Assessment Report for:   Langlees Primary School

Date of Assessment:    15 January 2014


The achievement of your third Green Flag at Langlees Primary School has been a whole school effort.  This was reflected brilliantly during the assessment visit with contributions from adults and children from across the school.  I was pleasantly surprised to be able to take the evidence that I needed to make a decision from the comments of the pupils and the fabulous displays on the corridor walls.  I didn’t have to ask too many questions as the children were keen to share their experiences and I didn’t have to trawl through folders of evidence because it was there for everyone to see in the various displays and hear in the stories of the pupils.  There was so much to see, hear and be impressed by that I had to work quickly to write everything down when I got home!  I was really impressed by the members of the Eco Committee that took me around the school as they kept us on track and answered lots of questions as we walked between the different areas.  I was delighted to hear from pupils from various classes and representing other groups in the school.  They all spoke with pride and enthusiasm which, I felt, came from the fact that they held responsibility and had been part of the decision making process.  I was particularly impressed by the pupils from the enhanced provision.  They explained how they had been involved in Eco-Schools and their work on Litter and Biodiversity was excellent, they had obviously gained a great deal from it and even taught me something new.  The Nursery too, did a fine job showing me the outdoor area and I could tell that they gain a lot from their time outdoors.  I really believe that this is where it all starts, what the pupils experience in nursery fosters the desire to take action on environmental issues and develops a caring attitude towards the school grounds.  I have noted your curricular links as a case study for others to read about on our website.  It is fantastic that your Monitoring and Evaluation work is completed by pupils as part of class topics and homework.  This gives the pupils a more in depth knowledge of what they are doing.  Putting litter in the bin is important and it is just as important to know why you are doing it.  The children I spoke with certainly knew the dangers of litter and had come up with some great ideas to make others aware of it.  I really enjoyed visiting P4 where they were displaying some of their topic work and a short play.  This all shows that Eco-Schools doesn’t need to be a side project and is more powerful when integrated into the curriculum and daily life of the school.

Outdoor Learning was also something that I noticed was extremely important at the school from Nursery to P7.  It was great to see photos of each stage using your outdoor area in different ways and the older pupils participating in the John Muir Award.  It was also good to see that there is information on your Eco-Schools work in the reception area as well as advice for parents and visitors.  I would encourage you, as you move forward, to widen this to sharing your experience with other schools.  The charity work you do is admirable and the children have raised a great deal of money for different charities, even in the Waste Minimisation topic you have found a way to help others.  One of the most powerful displays was a poster that a pupil had made to show just how great she thought her school was for its Eco work and more.  From what I saw and heard during my visit I would have to agree with her, ‘Langlees Rocks’.